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We’ve made it as easy and straight forward as possible to record your call and request the call logs.

Just follow 4_stepsour simple Step by Step guide:

  1. Search and find the company you want to call using the comprehensive C-Caller contact number database.
  2. When you click and call the dedicated C-Caller company contact number we will automatically track your call details in the background.
  3. We store all call details on our secure system providing you the opportunity to request and save a copy of the call details for your own records. Once you have made your call using a dedicated C-Caller phone number, simply complete the “Request Call Details” form below. We are open from 9am – 5pm Every day of the week. Call logs are saved for 30 days and call recording for 24hrs.
  4. Once we receive your request we will take steps to verify you are the person who made the call and send the call details to you as a XLS spreadsheet and MP3 file.

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Why Should I Use C-Caller?

  • It is totally free to request the call logs and recordings – All you pay for is the cost of making the call.
  • We can provide you with evidence you made the call for future reference
  • Voice recordings can be arranged, but you need this setting up before you make the call
  • No need to take notes as everything being said will be recorded meaning you can fully concentrate
  • If the company challenge what you have been previously told you can check back and prove what was said
  • Keep the call details forever, they will be in your email for whenever you need them.
  • The recording will be sent as a MP3 meaning you can listen to the message as many times as you like
  • The C-Caller call tracking service is really simple to use.