Three 3G

Call Costs

Calls to the C-Caller Three Phone Number cost 7p per minute plus your networks access charge. C-Caller is in no way associated with or affiliated with Three. We offer a independent call tracking and recording service. The 0843 number above will connect you directly to Three whilst allowing C-Caller to save the call details and upon request retrieve a copy of your call. The regular telephone number to call if you don’t want to use C-Caller’s tracking service the number is available on their website.

How To Request Your Call Details

There are 4 simple steps to requesting proof you called as well as the recording of the call:

  1. Call C-Caller’s dedicated 0843 number above
  2. Once the call is complete, fill in the “Get Call Details” form.
  3. Within 24hrs, we will contact you to verify your identity.
  4. You will be sent the call details and a MP3 of your call to your email.

If you have a query specifically about your Kindle, there is a different Three Kindle phone number you should call.

What Services Can I Get When I Call the Three Contact Number?

When you call the Three Phone Number, you will be instantly connected to the Three customer services phone number.

When Are they Open?

The Three phone number is open during the week from 8am until 8pm and 9am to 6pm at the weekends.

Most popular questions being asked right now:

  • Can I contact Three customer service by phone?
  • How do you contact Three Network in the UK?
  • How do you contact Three about an order?
  • What is the 3G phone number?
  • Is there a 3 contact number?

Simple answer is to call the Three (3 Network / 3G) contact number:

The Three Customer Support team will be able to help you with:

  • Buying, upgrading, exchanging & delivery.
  • Bills & contracts.
  • Topping up.
  • Calls, data, messages & Add-ons.
  • Signal and coverage.
  • Support for my device.
  • Using a device abroad.
  • Change my details or how Three contacts me.
  • Thinking of leaving 3G Network.


Information about Three

Three UK (also know as 3G or just 3) are one of the UK’s most recogniseable and noteable mobile phone and broadband providrs. The Three network are a subsidiary of the company called Hutchison Whampoa which most people wont have heard of. The 3 network officially started in March 2003 and at the time were the only commercial video mobile network in the UK. They provides 3G and 4G mobile phone data and telecommunication services through its own network infrastructure.

More about the company from Wikipedia

Three’s first retail stores (3Store) opened at the same time as the network launched, on Oxford Street and High Street Kensington, both in London, and at the Birmingham Mailbox. Three’s handsets and contracts are also sold by mobile telephony chains and independents throughout the UK, as well as online retailers. In 2005, an expansion of the 3Store portfolio saw stores opened in larger shopping centres throughout the UK, such as the Bluewater and The Mall at Cribbs Causeway near Bristol. On 24 October 2006, Three announced that it had purchased 95 high street shops from O2 and The Link.

Three launched SeeMeTV, allowing its customers to submit their own video content that other subscribers could watch. Users would make a small micropayment (the price decided by the video’s creator) to watch these videos. The user who created the videos would get paid 10% of the amount of money paid by other users to watch the video. Users were paid once they had accrued £10.

In 2010, Three became the fourth network to launch the iPhone after O2, Orange and Vodafone, and was voted Best Network for Mobile Broadband in a YouGov survey for the second year in a row.

If you need to call their customer services team and would like to take advantage of our call tracking service then please call our dedicated Three Contact Number.

Three Postal address

Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG