Call Costs

Calls to the C-Caller Orange Phone Number (08438370149) cost 7p per minute plus your networks access charge. C-Caller is in no way associated with or affiliated with Orange. We offer a independent call tracking and recording service. The 0843 number above will connect you directly to Orange whilst allowing C-Caller to save the call details and upon request retrieve a copy of your call. The regular telephone number to call if you don’t want to use C-Caller’s tracking service is: 07973 100450.

How To Request Your Call Details

There are 4 simple steps to requesting proof you called as well as the recording of the call:

  1. Call C-Caller’s dedicated 0843 number above
  2. Once the call is complete, fill in the “Get Call Details” form.
  3. Within 24hrs, we will contact you to verify your identity.
  4. You will be sent the call details and a MP3 of your call to your email.

What Services Can I Get When I Call the Orange Contact Number?

When you call the Orange Phone Number, you will be instantly connected to the Orange customer services phone number.

The Orange team will be able to help you with:

  • Tracking the progress of your Orange order
  • Billing Queries
  • Service and Network Updates
  • Product enquiries, details and availability
  • Upgrading Your Phone
  • Get Your PUK Code
  • Advice and information about protecting your phone
  • Assistance and help with ordering Orange products online.

Information about Orange


For many in Europe and elsewhere, the telecom landscape has an Orange glow. Formerly France Telecom, Orange provides fixed-line and mobile voice and data services to consumers and commercial clients around the world.

The company serves some 250 million customers in about 30 countries. It is a leading European wireless operator and broadband service provider, with more than 190 million mobile customers and some 16 million broadband subscribers.

Orange’s services for corporate clients are provided by its Orange Business Services unit, which offers a wide range of managed business networking and data services. The company had been coalescing around its Orange brand since 2006, culminating in the mid-2013 name change.

Orange UK is now owned by EE (Everything Everywhere) when it merged both Orange UK and T-Mobile networks in the UK.

Orange Postal address

BS32 4QJ