Call Costs

Calls to the C-Caller LV Phone Number cost 7p per minute plus your networks access charge. C-Caller is in no way associated with or affiliated with LV Insurance. We offer a independent call connection, tracking and recording service. The 0843 number above will connect you directly to LV Insurance whilst allowing C-Caller to save the call details and upon request retrieve a copy of your call. The regular telephone number to call if you don’t want to use C-Caller’s tracking service is: 0800 023 2638

How To Request Your Call Details

There are 4 simple steps to requesting proof you called as well as the recording of the call:

  1. Call C-Caller’s dedicated 0843 number above
  2. Once the call is complete, fill in the “Get Call Details” form.
  3. Within 24hrs, we will contact you to verify your identity.
  4. You will be sent the call details and a MP3 of your call to your email.

What Services Can I Get When I Call the LV Contact Number?

When you call the LV Insurance Phone Number, you will be instantly connected to the LV Insurance customer services phone number.

The LV Insurance team will be able to help you with:

    • New Car Insurance Quotes
    • Changes to Existing Policies
    • Requesting proof of no claims discount
    • Ordering a replacement certificate of insurance
    • Complaints
    • Advice about other LV services
    • Reporting accident
    • Cancelling policy


Information about LV Insurance

LV number
LV Insurance are one of the UK’s leading car insurance companies. They have built a excellent reputation for fast and friendly staff. The LV customer service team are available 7 days a week and will be happy to answer any quetsions you have. You can call the LV Phone Number, write to the below address or send a email to find our more about their award winning car insurance service.

LV Insurance Postal address

County Gates

Tel: 0800 023 2638