Call Costs

Calls to the C-Caller Gumtree Phone Number cost 7p per minute plus your networks access charge. C-Caller is in no way associated with or affiliated with Gumtree. We offer a independent call tracking and recording service. The 0843 number above will connect you directly to Gumtree whilst allowing C-Caller to save the call details and upon request retrieve a copy of your call. The regular telephone number to call if you don’t want to use C-Caller’s tracking service the number is 0208 605 3325

How To Request Your Call Details

There are 4 simple steps to requesting proof you called as well as the recording of the call:

  1. Call C-Caller’s dedicated 0843 number above
  2. Once the call is complete, fill in the “Get Call Details” form.
  3. Within 24hrs, we will contact you to verify your identity.
  4. You will be sent the call details and a MP3 of your call to your email.

What Services Can I Get When I Call the Gumtree Contact Number?

When you call the Gumtree Phone Number, you will be instantly connected to the Gumtree customer services phone number.

When Are they Open?

The Gumtree phone number is open during the week from 9am until 5pm. At the weekend the Gumtree telephone number is open Saturday from 9am until 5pm.

The Gumtree Customer Support team will be able to help you with:

  • You are having problems posting an ad on Gumtree
  • You are having problems Editing an ad on Gumtree
  • Problems with Gumtree account
  • Enquire about payment problems
  • Make a general enquiry or complaint


Information about Gumtree

Back at the turn of the centruary during the big dotcom bubblem, two opportunistic guys had an website idea – the first classified ads website to serve Australia, New Zeland and South Africa. It was at that moment in March 2000 when Gumtree was born. Even back then, hundreds of visitors flocked to the site for all sorts of reasons – be it to find a place to rent, some furniture to buy or even to find a new job.

Obviously has come a long way since then and is now the Britains #1 classifieds site. They get around 4 million new classified ads on the site every month and approx 8 million visitors per month.

You may want to call the Gumtree contact number for any one of a dozen reasons, from website trouble and useage issues to complaints.

If you need to call their customer services team and would like to take advantage of our call tracking service then please call our dedicated Gumtree Contact Number.

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