Attendance Allowance

Call Costs

Calls to the C-Caller Attendance Allowance Phone Number cost 7p per minute plus your networks access charge. C-Caller is in no way associated with or affiliated with Attendance Allowance. We offer a independent call connection, tracking and recording service. The 0843 number above will connect you directly to Attendance Allowance whilst allowing C-Caller to save the call details and upon request retrieve a copy of your call. The regular telephone number to call if you don’t want to use C-Caller’s tracking service is: ​0800 731 0122

How To Request Your Call Details

There are 4 simple steps to requesting proof you called as well as the recording of the call:

  1. Call C-Caller’s dedicated 0843 number above
  2. Once the call is complete, fill in the “Get Call Details” form.
  3. Within 24hrs, we will contact you to verify your identity.
  4. You will be sent the call details and a MP3 of your call to your email.

What Services Can I Get When I Call the Attendance Allowance Contact Number?

When you call the Attendance Allowance Phone Number, you will be instantly connected to the Attendance Allowance customer services phone number.

The Attendance Allowance team will be able to help you with:

  • Information about eligibility
  • Apply for & claiming Attendance Allowance
  • Stopping / Cancelling Attendance Allowance
  • Changing your personal details
  • Making a complaint


Information about Attendance Allowance

In the UK the Government offer a benefits service call Attendance Allowance which is designed to support people with severe disabilities to help them with the additional costs of someone looking after them.

Depending on the level of care required, the person will received one of two different rates of money – either £57.30 per week or for people who require higher levels of car £85.60 a week. This money is to help with personal support if you’re both:

  • Physically or mentally disabled
  • aged 65 or over
  • However it is important to note that Attenddance Allowance does not cover mobility needs.

    There are a wide range of other benefits you could be eligable for including extra Pension Credit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction if you get Attendance Allowance. We suggest that you call the helpline and check with them to see if you are eligable.

    Attendance Allowance Postal address

    Attendance Allowance Unit
    Mail Handling Site A
    WV98 2AD


    Tel: ​0800 731 0122