About Us

These days we make more phone calls than ever before but how many times have you ended the call only to wish you had written down something the other person said or some important information from the call? How many times have you been advised by a customer service representative and then in a subsequent call been told “we have no record of that call” or “we have no record that was said”.

In actual fact this is a very common situation for hundreds of people every single day. With mobile phones now more popular than ever, its never been easier to give business’ like travel, shopping, gas and electric, banks and other call centres a call. It is estimated that only 50% of calls are made from the home meaning that access to a pen and paper to make vital notes while out and about is not always guaranteed.

Fear not, as C-Caller is here to help. We are here 24/7 to help to provide you with the call evidence you need to prove you made that call and if required provide a recording of the call for you to listen back to at your convenience.

When you call one of the C-Caller company phone numbers we are able to provide independent 3rd party evidence showing your call logs as well as (by prior arrangement) providing a recording of the call directly to your email for future reference.

To use the C-Caller tracking service simply search our database of popular companies to find the company you wish to speak to. Simply click and call the phone number provided and we will connect you directly to your chosen company. Once you’ve made your call all you have to do to retrieve a copy of the call logs for your records is simply fill in the form provided on our homepage and let us do the rest. If you would like a recording of the call please contact us in advance otherwise this will not be available. There is no catch and there is no charge for using the C-Caller service!

Can I legally track & record my call?

Providing that the call logs and the recording are for your own use, then the recording of your phone call is perfectly legal as detailed under the Ofcom regulations and RIPA laws. The recording or monitoring of a call is not allowed when the data and recording is made available to a third party, ie someone who was neither the caller or sender nor the intended recipient of the original communication. You can read more about Ofcom’s policy here.