Market share of mobile OS: Android and iOS flies stumbles

Like every month, Kantar Worldpanel research firm has released figures on the distribution of mobile OS in the world for the first quarter 2016. In other words, the changes from February to March 2016 did not reserve surprise : Android still crushes the competition almost everywhere.

The mobile OS Google always seems unstoppable in his domination of the worldwide mobile market share. In France, the robot gleans 2.5 points since the previous report last month, climbing to 74.3% market share, which incidentally allows him to show growth of almost 10 points compared to the same period ‘last year. IOS for its part won 0.1 points from February to March 2016 to reach 20%, marks a timid growth of 0.6 March 2015 to March 2016. Also in France, Windows Phone, he n ‘ not to the party with a loss of 2.4 points since last month making the cap to 5% – a marked decline from 14.1% last year. According Dominic Sunnebo, business director for Kantar Europe: ” Those who migrate to Windows Phone Android brands choose the right value, such as Huawei, Asus or Wiko ” – a reflex that explains the tendency of the French market. BlackBerry and other OS (Sailfish, Firefox, Tizen …) continue meanwhile to sink to below 1% and represent, in aggregate, 0.7% of the French market.

A Galaxy S7 which boosts the numbers

The US side, no real surprise either. From February to March 2016, Android has gained 6.6 points and is comfortably installed in 65% of the market, up 7.3 points compared to the same period last year. iOS accuses the worst decline, with 6.7 lost points in a month on month and 4.9 points over the same period last year, but this does not prevent the iPhone to remain at 31, 6% market share in the last survey. Microsoft’s mobile OS, traditionally quite low performance in the US, still earns 0.1 points from February to March, from 2.6 to 2.7% market share, which does not prevent the overall trend to register a decrease of 1.6 points compared to last year. The “other” survive on 0.1% of the market – tumble from their 1% last year. According to Kantar, Android’s iron constitution in the United States is partly due to the Galaxy S7 which, despite its arrival at the end of the quarter, managed to climb onto the 5 th spot of the top selling smartphones in earlier this year. in China, green robot has scrounged 5.9 points from March 2015 to register for 77.7% market share. Australia also sees the shares of Google grow from 53% to 60.1%. Only Japan breaks the trend, being the only country where Android declined by 0.6 points, from 52.3% to 51.7% market share. The Google OS is also closely followed by iOS, which assumes 1.7 and passes a 46.8% market share. Apple loses 5 in China where it reached 26.1%, and 2.5 points in Australia where she still delights 35.3% market share. No respite for Windows which lost 3.6 points in Australia (3.7%) and 0.5 percentage points in China (0.8%). Japan is still out with a micro increase of 0.1% – a change in perspective because 0.5% of market share, Japan is now the country where the mobile OS from Microsoft is the least common, even behind “other OS” that reach 1% of market share.